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When CBD oil is extracted from hemp, it will contain mainly CBD, but will also have the trace amount of THC, as well as other minor cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant. CBD, or cannabidiol, is an active compound extracted from the cannabis plant.

It is only one of many chemicals extracted from this plant, but is distinctive in that it doesn’t produce psychiatric symptoms or intoxication. Studies in animals suggest that CBD relieves pain and inflammation, but confirmation from animal studies is lacking.

That being said, many conditions respond well to CBD alone, so for many people, THC-free CBD has great benefits and may be all that you need. It all depends on the individual, your overall health and what symptoms you’re trying to treat.

You wouldn’t take a tablet to help with a bleeding cut, so in the same respect, it’s worth knowing that not all CBD oil products serve the same purpose. CBD oil topicals are great for pain related conditions – like arthritis and sore muscles – but doesn’t help anxiety sufferers or those with mental symptoms.

However, many people continue to report their experiences of pain and anxiety reduction, and better sleep, with CBD. Most people prefer the convenience (and speed) of ingesting CBD oil via drops or a spray 1-2 hours before bed to enjoy its powerful sleep inducing benefits.