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AppSocket printing generally occurs around port 9100 and employs the socket backend. Unit URIs for the socket backend search like this:The “contimeout” choice controls the amount of seconds that the backend will wait around to attain a connection to the printer.

The default is 1 week or 604800 seconds. The “waiteof” option controls no matter whether the socket backend waits for the printer to comprehensive the printing of the work. The default is to hold out ( waiteof=accurate ).

Add waiteof=phony to the URI to explain to the backend not to wait. Note: Whilst the AppSocket protocol is uncomplicated and rapid, it also provides no safety and is generally an assault vector with printers. Consider applying the Web Printing Protocol which supports encryption and other safety functions. Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)IPP is the only protocol that CUPS supports natively and is supported by most network printers and print servers. IPP supports encryption and other stability options around port 631 and uses the http (Home windows), ipp , and ipps backends. Gadget URIs for these backends search like this:The backends supports numerous alternatives, which are summarized in Table 2.

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Like all backends, possibilities are included to the close of the URI using the URL variety encoding format, for example:Table two: IPP URI Options Option Description contimeout= seconds Specifies the variety of seconds to hold out for the relationship to the printer to total (default one 7 days or 604800 seconds). encryption=normally Specifies that the relationship to the IPP printer must be encrypted applying SSL. encryption=ifrequested Specifies that the relationship to the IPP printer need to only be encrypted if the printer requests it. encryption=in no way Specifies that the relationship to the IPP printer need to not be encrypted.

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encryption=expected Specifies that the connection to the IPP printer must be encrypted employing TLS. version=one. Specifies that variation 1.

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of the IPP protocol need to be applied alternatively of the default variation two. version=one. 1 Specifies that model 1. 1 of the IPP protocol ought to be made use of rather of the default variation two. model=2. 1 Specifies that variation 2. 1 of the IPP protocol should really be employed rather of the default edition 2.

waitjob=phony Specifies that the IPP backend need to not hold out for the position to complete. waitprinter=wrong Specifies that the IPP backend need to not wait for the printer to turn into idle prior to sending the print position. Line Printer Daemon (LPD) Protocol (aka lpr)LPD is the authentic community printing protocol designed for the Berkeley UNIX line printer daemon (spooler) and is supported by quite a few network printers. LPD printing normally occurs above port 515 and employs the lpd backend. Unit URIsfor the lpd backend search like this:Table three summarizes the options supported by the lpd backend. Note: Owing to constraints in the LPD protocol, we do not endorse applying it if the printer or server supports any of the other protocols.

Like AppSocket, LPD gives no protection and is a common assault vector. LPD also, by default, demands that the computer help save a duplicate of the overall print task before sending it to the printer – this can end result in gigabytes of print info remaining saved to disk just before any printing transpires, delaying print work opportunities and shortening the lifestyle of your mass storage product!

Table three: LPD URI Solutions Solution Description banner=on Specifies that a banner web page really should be printed by the printer.