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You’ve probably now heard of Ashley Madison, a dating website set up explicitly for married people looking to have affairs. But as the fallout begins from this leak, as people’s careers and reputations begin to be ruined, as unconfirmed reports emerge that some users have committed suicide, it’s worth remembering that the reality is often far more complex than the smug moralizers suggest. Deeper shades of red — on the faces of the website’s users — put the site in the media spotlight in 2015, when hackers stole personal information from millions of Ashley Madison users. As many as 652,627 New York residents were members of Ashley Madison at the time of the security breach.

Considering all Japanese people cheat on their other half, I would have though Ashley Madison would be very popular here. Today, it’s one of the most secure online services with a high level of privacy as well. Nearly half, or 44 percent, of those who tried online dating said it led to a serious long-term relationship or marriage, the magazine found. The breach exposed e-mail addresses and account details from 32 million of the site’s members. AM automatically checks it for you (how nice) and if you send the message you will be charged double the credits.

The month paid membership will cost you $59 with will give you 100 credits to start conversations with 100 different people. Ashley Madison is known to be the less biased service when it comes to untraditional relationships. They operate by inhabiting, as a demon might, previously existing fake profiles that the company calls Angels”—these are the profiles that Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman was pushing his people to create at scale in internal company emails.

An email address alone could mean many things; the individual may have been curious how the service operated and never actually engaged with anyone else. Ashley Madison is a reputable dating portal launched in 2001. Speaking to me by email and in private chatrooms, he asked that I call him AMLolz, for Ashley Madison laughs”. The hackers weren’t kidding around when they said they would dump 10GB worth of private user data onto the Internet. For people genuinely worried about being in the Ashley Madison breach, there’s an easy solution: subscribe to the notification system Yes, I’m aware that this advice is also a way of building the subscriber base but hopefully the rationale of this approach ashle madison is now clear and it’s not just viewed as a grab at more subscribers.

According to internal data, Ashley Madison is most popular among Seattle residents. Mr Thorsheim said he also discovered accounts of other users he knew on the site and he had an anonymous source confirm his credit card payment details provided in the data dump were correct. Now we have to worry about hackers finding – and releasing – embarrassing, lurid life- and career-ruining information, too. Parent company Avid Life Media said it hoped to raise $200m (£134m) in London later this year.

Of all the recent large-scale data breaches, the Ashley Madison ‘hack’ has attracted the most interest and the greatest number of column inches in the press. Clearly, even mainstream dating apps don’t have a ratio like this because most dating apps should have many more men than women in general except sugar daddy dating apps. Just take into account how long this brand is on the market: it is hella difficult not to give up positions in such a competitive niche like online dating.