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We have despair and anxiety.

14 yr old, Female, MA


I have actually anxiety and depression. I simply just take medicine both for, but absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing helps. Every time all I am able to consider is death. Absolutely Nothing good ever occurs if you ask me if one thing good does take place, it instantly gets knocked straight straight down once more by one thing bad. I’m not pretty or skinny just like the girls within my college. They’re all delighted, rich, have actually boyfriends and good searching systems. I’m tired of taking a look at my disgusting human body and my repulsive self. No body also cares about me personally or the way I feel. I recently want my entire life To be over.


There clearly was therefore much going on in your lifetime now, and i must say i desire to many thanks for emailing us. It appears like you’re feeling really only and as you haven’t any someone to speak with, that I understand could be very hard. Experiencing like no body will there be for your needs whenever you are constantly here for other people is actually disappointing and discouraging. This indicates yourself to people quite a lot, and I know how painful that can be like you are comparing. I’m sure its difficult to see individuals and think, why can not my entire life become more like theirs or why can not We be much more like them, but often, individuals who seem like they will have it together are actually having trouble. You pointed out that you’re feeling suicidal and I also need certainly to state, that actually worries me personally. I am wondering when there is whatever you prefer to do this actually allows you to pleased, like an activity you actually enjoy or a club in school you’re passionate about. I am wondering when there is other things you can do in order to assist you to cope, like write in a log or draw. Often it will help to simply get the emotions out in writing. In addition actually want to encourage one to consult with a dependable adult about how exactly you’re feeling. Someone like a moms and dad or even an aunt or uncle you might be near with, in the event that you would feel at ease doing this. You’ll be able to phone the committing suicide avoidance hotline. They truly are available 24/7 and their quantity is 877-727-4747. Go ahead and give us a call aswell. Our company is open each and every day from 6pm to 10pm PST and our number is (310) 855-4673.

A teenager LINE teenager

I simply can not cope such as this by myself anymore.

14 yrs old, Female, Uk


I self harm, run away, push away my relatives and buddies, always place depressing statuses on facebook, have actually suicidal thoughs, and starve well ’try’ to starve myself, I simply cant cope like this by myself anymore and I do believe its time and energy to emerge from my wardrobe and inform somebody and so I looked over forums on the web and I also discovered this, are you able to assist me?


Many thanks a great deal for calling us only at TEEN LINE. I will be therefore sorry to know what you’re going right on through, plus it must certanly be so very hard having those ideas usually, and therefore can be quite difficult. You are known by me state you’ve got experienced like killing your self, and perhaps it is difficult to observe that your loved ones, buddies as well as other individuals actually value you. Additionally, its good to consider that suicide is just a permanent answer to a problem that is temporary. Have actually you attempted conversing with somebody trusted relating to this? Some body like a relative, a college therapist, a friend that is good specialist, etc? It is crucial that you speak with some body in person relating to this and allow your feelings down, because it could be actually useful in an optimistic method and i truly worry about your wellbeing. I do want to refer one to this is certainly. Self-injury which will help you together with your cutting. The next time you might want to run away for when you want to run away, I encourage you to check out http: // and they can help you make safe decisions. And about attempting to starve your self, I would like to refer one to www. You’ll be able to phone the Samaritans while you are feeling suicidal, and are open to you on a daily basis an and their number is 08457 90 90 90*, and they do charge day. Only at TEEN LINE we also provide a thing that is great messageboards, at www. and it’s also one thing where you are able to read and react to individuals dealing with a situation that is similar you. Many thanks a great deal for calling us only at TEEN LINE, and it’s also a big advance into working for you re re solve your position.

There’s times where i’m like I’m perhaps not important

13 year old, Female, NC


There’s times where personally i think like I’m perhaps not essential and I feel just like committing committing suicide and so I can keep this globe. We have dilemmas about my human body and I also’m constantly thinking about different ways to destroy my self. So what can I Really Do?


I am therefore happy you contacted us at TEEN LINE. It feels like you are feeling really upset and overwhelmed, and it also makes me worried to listen to that you are experiencing in that way! I would personally highly encourage you to definitely inform a moms and dad or other trusted adult about how exactly you are feeling. That you do not deserve to be experiencing similar to this, and i really want you to feel much better. Composing in a journal or speaking with a pal could help you lift really some fat off your shoulders. Suicide is just a solution that is permanent a temporary issue, and I also think that you will get through this.

You talked about you constantly think about approaches to destroy your self, and that concerns me personally. I would like to supply you with the true quantity to your nationwide Suicide Prevention Hotline in the event you’re thinking about harming your self. Their contact number is 1(877) 727-4747. Do not wait to phone.

Contact us in only at TEEN LINE, we might want to talk more in depth with you as to what youare going through. Our telephone number is 1(310) 855-4673 and we also are available from 6p.m. -10p.m. PST.

Desire to hear away from you quickly, remain strong.

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