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No fear traveling

Viaggiare senza paura - No fear traveling is available to anyone who has travelled in one or more countries located on our planet earth. Whoever wishes to do so may submit his written contribution by registering as a Member and then post the story himself/herself.

Travelling with no fear, what does it mean? believes that travelling without fear equals a trip conceived with particular and uncommon means of locomotion. This should not be a “comfortable” means of travel, it should be a form of transport that has accompanied you along unusual travel routes to foreign places. Experiences should also involve duration, complexity, distance covered, efforts spared, and difficulties that have been encountered and overcome during such travels.

The list of acceptable means of locomotion that cover stories of no fear travels is not exhaustive. also takes into consideration other means of transport that have not been included in the mentioned list, and if deems that the submitted contribution reflects the underlying philosophy of no fear travels it will even add such means of transport to the mentioned list. Posted travel stories that are already available on’s website may also be a source of inspiration and an example of the philosophy shared by no fear travellers.

Nofear aims to become a milestone, a benchmark and a point of reference within the Internet for all those who wish to tell, read, share and compare stories of no fear travels.

In any event (please see the legal section) reserves the right to remove any travel stories that have little in common with the website’s underlying philosophy.