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Pedalling to Nirvana – part 1 (Florida)

30 luglio 2008

A North American Bicycle Journey

I pedalled my way from Key West, Florida to Tok, Alaska. What I wrote in my journal is what I was thinking and feeling at the time, it’s just a reflection of who I am, my own personal opinions, my own perceptions, and written exactly as I saw the world around me at that particular moment.

Why I did it? That is what most people ask, and you know, it is not a simple answer. One of my thoughts was to really do something with my life and truly live. Experience the world around me before I shuffle off the mortal coil.


A bicycle ride along the Andes (2002-03)

30 luglio 2008

Thorn to the Horn On Jan 23rd I arrived in Ushuaia, 101 cycling days and 7574 km since my departure from La Paz in Bolivia several months earlier. I spent 480 hours in the saddle achieving this distance and climbed over 80 vertical kilometres! (more…)

La storia di Marco e Davide

28 luglio 2008

Davide Di guida & Rizzato Marco.

Nati rispettivamente a Milano “Italia” l’anno 74 l’uno e 75 l’altro. Si conoscono nel lontano 1981 ed è subito amicizia. Capiscono da subito che la loro passione è la montagna, i viaggi ed il conoscere altri paesi e culture. Spinti dalla loro euforia e dal programma condotto da AMBROGIO FOGAR “Jonathan dimensione avventura” decidono di intraprendere la loro prima avventura sulle montagne Lecchesi.

A north american bicycle journey

23 luglio 2008

I exaggerate. I’m prone to stretching the truth. I’m liable to bullshit about certain things in order to make them more interesting. If you weren’t there at the time to confirm something, then it’s entirely possible that I’ve just made it up. I’m liable to substitute kilometres with miles in order to make it seem I’ve ridden further, metres with feet in order to make it seem I’ve climbed higher, kilograms with pounds in order to make it seem I’m carrying a heavier load, and Celsius with Fahrenheit in order to make it seem I’ve endured more miserable weather.

In fact, it’s entirely possible I didn’t even do this trip. I may have just stayed at home last year watching re-runs of “the office” and drinking copious amounts of coffee. (more…)

Tibet 1994 – A 3300 Mile Solo Bicycle Trip Across Tibet

11 luglio 2008

For five months in the thin air of Tibet and Western China I made my way over dirt tracks and around Chinese police checkpoints. Throughout most of history this part of the planet has remained closed to Western travelers. During the spring and summer of 1994 only a few short portions of my 3300-mile bicycle trip crossed sections of Tibet and China that were officially open to foreigners.


Atraversando fronteras – South America by bicycle

10 luglio 2008

From January to November of 2004, I embarked upon an epic bike trip from the southern extreme of South America, on the shores of the Beagle Channel in Tierra del Fuego, north toward Venezuela´s palm-studded Caribbean coast. Along the way, I traversed 9 countries and experienced a multitude of unforgettable moments, some bad but the majority good.


Cycling from England to South Africa 2006 – 2007

8 luglio 2008

I really can’t believe that I’ve made it – After ten months of cycling, I’ve finally reached Cape Town!! I’ve done it, but now its over, it feels kind of strange knowing that I don’t have to get on the bike to move on to the next place. I fly out of Cape Town on the 25th and land in England on the 26th, but now, its beer o’clock!