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Cairns to Finland 2004 – 2006

30 gennaio 2009

In February 1998 Sy Aliisa became my home. In 2004 she took me to the world. I had no pension plan, no property and no safety nets to fall on. With only my savings, a boat and my heart, Life welcomed me. This site is about the journey, where it took me, where it’s taking me, and bit more… (more…)

Trouser Rollers – Cruising and RV’ing the Americas

25 gennaio 2009

In 2000 we screwed up our courage, covered our eyes, and leapt into the cruising life. We disposed of our belongings and moved into Callipygia, a Tayana 37′ cutter-rigged sailboat. In 2004, after 7,500 miles cruising to eighteen countries, we swallowed the hook and took up RV’ing. In the next 4 years we travelled over 50,000 miles covering much of the US, Canada, and Mexico. (more…)

A bicycle ride along the Andes (2002-03)

30 luglio 2008

Thorn to the Horn On Jan 23rd I arrived in Ushuaia, 101 cycling days and 7574 km since my departure from La Paz in Bolivia several months earlier. I spent 480 hours in the saddle achieving this distance and climbed over 80 vertical kilometres! (more…)

Atraversando fronteras – South America by bicycle

10 luglio 2008

From January to November of 2004, I embarked upon an epic bike trip from the southern extreme of South America, on the shores of the Beagle Channel in Tierra del Fuego, north toward Venezuela´s palm-studded Caribbean coast. Along the way, I traversed 9 countries and experienced a multitude of unforgettable moments, some bad but the majority good.


Planet by Bike 2005-2006

24 giugno 2008

A solo bicycle trip of approximately 16,000 miles in 26 countries

Between 2005-2006, I completed a solo bicycle trip of approximately 16,000 miles in 26 countries. This trip started in Lisbon, Portugal and ended in my hometown, Aguas de Sao Pedro, Brazil. The trip lasted about 12 months and involved every challenge I could imagine. The trip was completed by bicycle but planes, buses and ships were used when routes were impassable by bicycle. I am proof that ordinary people like me can achieve great things. Go for your highest ambitions and see for yourself what you are capable of.


Patagonia 1999

27 aprile 2008

Il perchè di un viaggio

L’occasione di andare a trovare un amico in Argentina si è trasformata in un viaggio senza paura in Patagonia, sulle tracce dei Chatwin, i Sepulveda e, non ultimi, i Jovanotti.
Il desiderio di scoprire “l’unico luogo giusto per sfuggire alla prossima distruzione nucleare” (In Patagonia – B. Chatwin), una natura incontaminata in grado di trasmettere e suscitare emozioni fortissime, fatta di orizzonti sconfinati, montagne e cordigliere imponenti, ghiacciai immensi, animali.

Il richiamo del viaggio, il desiderio di essere alle soglie del 2000 nel “sud più a sud”, la continua sfida con se stessi, l’amore per uno sport e un mezzo, il ciclismo e la bicicletta, il lasciarsi scivolare senza fragori e frastuoni, sono alcune risposte al perché del viaggio in Patagonia.