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Trouser Rollers – Cruising and RV’ing the Americas

25 gennaio 2009

In 2000 we screwed up our courage, covered our eyes, and leapt into the cruising life. We disposed of our belongings and moved into Callipygia, a Tayana 37′ cutter-rigged sailboat. In 2004, after 7,500 miles cruising to eighteen countries, we swallowed the hook and took up RV’ing. In the next 4 years we travelled over 50,000 miles covering much of the US, Canada, and Mexico. (more…)

A north american bicycle journey

23 luglio 2008

I exaggerate. I’m prone to stretching the truth. I’m liable to bullshit about certain things in order to make them more interesting. If you weren’t there at the time to confirm something, then it’s entirely possible that I’ve just made it up. I’m liable to substitute kilometres with miles in order to make it seem I’ve ridden further, metres with feet in order to make it seem I’ve climbed higher, kilograms with pounds in order to make it seem I’m carrying a heavier load, and Celsius with Fahrenheit in order to make it seem I’ve endured more miserable weather.

In fact, it’s entirely possible I didn’t even do this trip. I may have just stayed at home last year watching re-runs of “the office” and drinking copious amounts of coffee. (more…)