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Cairns to Finland 2004 – 2006

30 gennaio 2009

In February 1998 Sy Aliisa became my home. In 2004 she took me to the world. I had no pension plan, no property and no safety nets to fall on. With only my savings, a boat and my heart, Life welcomed me. This site is about the journey, where it took me, where it’s taking me, and bit more… (more…)

1997 – Pakistan Cina Italia

2 settembre 2008

Non mi considero un viaggiatore nel senso stretto del termine, ma una persona che ha avuto la fortuna e la voglia di viaggiare molto. Ho fiancheggiato l’Indo, attraversato la catena del Karakorum, il Pamir, parte dell’Asia Centrale, il deserto del Karakumy, la catena dei monti Kopet che divide il Turkmenistan dall’altipiano iranico, ho attraversato il massiccio dell’Elburz che fiancheggia la depressione caspica e mi sono sentito a casa ai piedi del monte Ararat in Turchia, dove dopo aver oltrepassato l’altipiano anatolico e la catena del Tauro sono giunto in Grecia e poi in Italia.
Ho sognato di fare quello che stavo facendo, e sogno ancora. (more…)

Tibet 1994 – A 3300 Mile Solo Bicycle Trip Across Tibet

11 luglio 2008

For five months in the thin air of Tibet and Western China I made my way over dirt tracks and around Chinese police checkpoints. Throughout most of history this part of the planet has remained closed to Western travelers. During the spring and summer of 1994 only a few short portions of my 3300-mile bicycle trip crossed sections of Tibet and China that were officially open to foreigners.


Cycling from England to South Africa 2006 – 2007

8 luglio 2008

I really can’t believe that I’ve made it – After ten months of cycling, I’ve finally reached Cape Town!! I’ve done it, but now its over, it feels kind of strange knowing that I don’t have to get on the bike to move on to the next place. I fly out of Cape Town on the 25th and land in England on the 26th, but now, its beer o’clock!


Planet by Bike 2005-2006

24 giugno 2008

A solo bicycle trip of approximately 16,000 miles in 26 countries

Between 2005-2006, I completed a solo bicycle trip of approximately 16,000 miles in 26 countries. This trip started in Lisbon, Portugal and ended in my hometown, Aguas de Sao Pedro, Brazil. The trip lasted about 12 months and involved every challenge I could imagine. The trip was completed by bicycle but planes, buses and ships were used when routes were impassable by bicycle. I am proof that ordinary people like me can achieve great things. Go for your highest ambitions and see for yourself what you are capable of.